1990s Globalization

The first McDonald’s on the Chinese mainland was opened in Shenzhen on October 8, 1990.

I remember the first time I saw that McDonalds in China. It was in a 3rd grade textbook. My jaw dropped. I thought of countries as distinct. It was sacrilege to me at the time for countries to have some version of American culture in them, especially a reproducing assemblage such as McDonalds. “Why would people choose McDonalds over their own food?” I thought.



The 90s brought an awareness of globalized brand giants to many countries. It was cool to hate on Nike and Coca-Cola. And Adbusters (founded in 1989) brought the formal concept of Culture Jamming (1984) to a larger audience.



The 2010’s show us a tepid reality. Rarely do we see shirts with anti-Facebook slogans. College and University students have different goals. It’s nice to look back on this period of time and see it as a whole. I often wondered what we would look back on during the 90s and think of.