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    case 8:20 pm on August 24, 2016 Permalink

    Pokemon Go Loses its Luster


    The loss and subsequent banning of maps and map users made nearly everyone I know stop playing, especially in the total absence of an official replacement or a compelling reason to continue.

    Hearing my map ding was enough cause to make me leap out of my chair and run to the nearby park at midnight to catch something I wanted, and there’d usually be the usual lure-users and a few map-users out there at the same time. Once I was out, I’d play for a while, hit a gym or two, maybe finish an egg, and go home. This was still really fun when it was disabled.

    Without the map, there’s no reason for me to leave my house. There’s no group of people at work who stand up when a Blastoise is announced into our #pokemon channel, sending us all on a brief Pokemon/coffee walk down the road.

    That’s all on top of the poor quality of the game, which the maps and community had overcome. Niantic being selfish and not understanding their own game or the culture around it seems to have squandered one of the greatest opportunities a company has ever had.

    (I get that the maps were spamming them, but that’s a technical challenge. A bunch of well funded ex-googlers ought to be up to the challenge of scaling/handling unexpected load for a chance like this.)

    Pokemon Go Loses its Luster – Hacker News https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=12343890
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    Constance Penley's Book on NASA/TREK: Popular Science and Sex in America 

    “This wry and highly readable investigation of the role of space travel in popular imagination looks at the way NASA has openly borrowed from the TV show Star Trek to reinforce its public standing. It also celebrates the work of a group of the show’s fans who rewrite its storylines in porno-romance fanzines. Constance Penley advocates that scientific experimentation be accompanied by social and sexual experimentation, and devoted to exploring inner as well as outer space.”


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    Corgi walk Portland! 

    This weekend I invited a bunch of friends to partake in the yearly Corgi walk in Portland’s Pearl District.


    What is the Corgi Walk? It’s a fundraiser for Corgi owners and Corgi lovers!


    That means LOTS of Corgis all over the South Park blocks and NW district.


    Did you miss it this year? Come by for the walk next year!

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    The call of empty spaces. 

    My favorite memories from childhood were the road trips. I would sit with a notebook and pen and write science fiction in the backseat. The empty spaces we drove through felt amazing. Room for one’s brain without the demands of human-made interruption.

    How does one reflect like this in a city? Environments like this give you a sense of real-time, not the compressed time of a metropolis.


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    Pokemon Go points don’t matter 


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    Notes on the Pokemon Go Onboarding Experience 


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    How Animation Is Starting A New Conversation On Mental Illness 

    Screenshot 2016-08-15 13.54.17

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    Cell phone users as zombies 


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    Who should driverless cars kill? 


    MIT’s Media Lab just released Moral Machine http://moralmachine.mit.edu/, a site that helps you model and vote for various self-driving car scenarios that involve living beings. I went to try it out!

    Check out this simulation

    I decided to send my dog and cat off to the vet in my driverless vehicle. Along the way, the vehicle had to make a choice – kill the cat and dog in the car, or kill 5 pedestrians.


    Which one would you choose? Most people would say the dog and cat should die.

    How would the car be able to see whether it was a dog or cat in it?


    Other Scenarios

    I created five other scenarios.


    Who should die? The cat or the burglar? If a cat has nine lives it could be just fine.


    What about a cat taking down many burglars?


    Should babies be allowed to take down the elderly? What if one of those elderly was a famous author and speaker?


    Equality in death for the homeless.

    About Moral Machine

    Moral Machine Concept by Iyad Rahwan, Jean-Francois Bonnefon and Azim Shariff.

    Development by Edmond Awad, Sohan Dsouza.

    Contributions from Paiju Chang, Danny Tang.

    Try it out: http://moralmachine.mit.edu/

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    Just got back from a great time at UXWeek in San Francisco!

    2016-08-07 san-francisco-for-uxweek

    I gave the morning Keynote on Calm Technology.



    This was a great hotel.


    I was sick, so being at this hotel was very pleasant!

    Turns out at Justin Roiland, co-creator and voices of Rick and Morty was at my hotel at the same time! I didn’t realize it until a few days after I got back.


    Thanks to everyone at Adaptive Path for a great conference!

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