The Magic of Pokemon GO

I’m really enjoying that kind of Japanese-style fun that gives people freedom to run the streets again, go outside and discover the whole world again. the license to meander and explore. It’s great for friends. A great excuse to exercise and walk.

Those first 4 days I played with friends, late summer nights exploring the city on foot in┬ábeautiful Portland, Oregon have been some of the best days this year. It’s a recapturing of the feeling of childhood. Exploring one’s neighborhood with the neighborhood kids. Barefoot on bikes. Bringing snacks. Getting tired and thirsty and happy and healthy together. Tans and sunscreen. The experience of all doing this together after being inside tech bots for so long.

Every day, and then at night. different streets. Running into people in the midst of discovery. Age, gender, social class, color – all united under the same giddy feeling. Parents teaching toddlers how to catch their first Pidgey. Grandparents playing with their grandkids. Couples defending their territory on longboards across Eugene.┬áDon’t know how to do something? Ask – someone will help. The community provides information In the absence of any formal training. And snacks, too!
Even if this thing doesn’t last, we deserved a little bit of a summer break from the stresses of the serious and screwed up web. We needed a little silliness to be able to cope with all of the uncertainty today. We needed to relax and be kids again.
The idea behind the Pokemon founder’s game was to emulate the fun times he had as a kid finding and collecting bugs. And now we’re doing this (and finding some real bugs in the process!). Discovery is fun. It unites people and makes people feel good. And we could all use the exercise.

It’s a little similar to what I’ve been seeing with VR – to get back to embodiment we must go more virtual. More on this in a later post.